sinus releaving crystal




Howlite – This crystal fetches you correct people and the perfect opportunities.

Clear quartz- This crystal is a very good cleanser and it also helps in taking decisions.

Moonstone- This crystal like its name gives you the calming effect of the moon. It also helps in curing Sinus.

Selenite- This crystal is used to vacuum away negativity. It is of great use in Aura cleansing.

 We recommend you to buy your crystals and other spiritual peripheries from a good crystal store or a healing centre only. The crystals which are brought from outside or crowdy places or from low energy places are already drained in energy and are of no use to you.

Do not wear your crystals or use your spiritual things till they are correctly energized and programmed. They are confused or of no use till they are correctly programmed. Please program them from a genuine healer and follow the procedure advised by them.

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