Affirmation Therapy

Affirming is sending positive programs to your mind. The concept is very near to that of chanting. We keep chanting these positive affirmations so that they get into our mind, blood & system till what we have affirmed, or something better, manifests & becomes reality. Any physical disease is actually “dis-ease” of that particular emotional aspect in our body.

Every disease is a result of a particular emotional pattern in our mind. Through such physical indications of diseases we can uncover the underlying harmful thought patterns that are actually causing them. Once we know the pattern, we can use affirmations and train our mind to bring natural health and vitality back in our system.

Course Content:

  • Knowing your own emotional pattern
  • How to make affirmations
  • How and when to use them.

Duration – 1 day from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Certification given