Drawing and Doodle Analysis

This is a new but very simple and unique course that we offer at Infinite Healing. Drawing analysis is a powerful technique that helps us read the deepest corners of our subconscious mind. Everything that we draw has a deep symbolic meaning attached to it. Here, we teach you to decode the meaning and interpretation of each drawing based on their size, placements, etc. We also teach you about doodles.

Doodling means scribbling or forming some patterns or drawings on paper unintentionally. Given a pen and a paper, some people might doodle a circle, some might write their names, some might draw smileys, etc. These are called doodles. They too are replica of your sub-conscious mind. Drawing analysis is extremely useful in case of young children, who have not yet learned complete formations of writing. Through their drawings we can easily come to know their state of sub-conscious and conscious mind.

Learn this simple, accurate and useful technique and know yourself better.

Course Content

  • Interpretation of figures and their connection to the sub-conscious mind
  • Size, placements, etc. of figures
  • Doodles – their meaning and interpretation