Spiritual Vaastu

Spiritual Vaastu is seeing everything around us as a vibration. These vibrations can be felt through the flow of seen or unseen energies.

Depending upon the kind of energy flow, the vibrations in our surrounding can either be pleasant or distressing. That’s why in some environments we feel very uneasy while in others we feel instantly uplifted. This is because of the vibrations or energies of that environment.

Spiritual Vaastu deals in creating a harmonious environment by balancing energies through spiritual processes like using crystals, aromas, prayers etc. that will make us feel productive, healthy and at peace.

Basic course in Spiritual Vaastu

  • Introduction to Spiritual Vaastu as science
  • Knowing and studying Vaastu in a spiritual way
  • Fundamentals of spiritual Vaastu
  • Various energies and forces
  • Energy testing / scanning
  • Study of energy flow, feel & vibration

Duration – 7 days

Advance course in Spiritual Vaastu

  • Crystals, their names, meanings, uses and therapy
  • Aromas, their meanings and uses
  • Prayer therapy
  • Angels / Angelic Healing
  • What are the positives and not so positives in a particular area
  • Placements of appropriate things so as to enhance the right kind of energy in a particular area
  • Balancing energy
  • Report making

Duration – 7 days

Please note:

Traditional & Spiritual Vaastu are two different courses and will be charged separately.