Aura Photography

Have you ever met anyone and instantly liked or disliked them? Then you were probably picking up signals from this person’s aura or energy field. Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds us. Every person and every object has its own aura. The layers of different colors around us makes our aura unique. These colors also keep changing according to our mind & emotional status.

Your chakras are referred to as the inner aura. Chakras are the energy centers within the body which receive & distribute cosmic energy.

Can we show you how your aura looks like? Sure we can! Not only will you be able to see the blend of colors around you but you will also get aware of any kind of positive energies, clogs or black energies, orbs, angels, past lives vows & curses, upcoming health issues etc. in your aura.

  • Consult us for the Aura photography of your gemstones, crystals or any other object to know their energies and to know if they suit you or not.
  • Its better you do aura photography of your house or work place to know what kind of energies exist in there.
  • People also come to us for knowing the energies of their deity, deities photos, vibhootis, rudhraksha etc. prescribed to them by someone else.

Please note:

  • We provide a CD consisting of 8 photographs
  • We take minimum 4 days to get the report ready
  • Once the report is ready you will be given an hour appointment where we will be explaining the complete report.