Drawing or Doodle analysis

This is a new but very simple and unique technique that we offer at Infinite Healing. We give you a theme and you have to draw/sketch a picture accordingly. It doesn’t matter how good you are at drawing. In the interpretation of your drawing, the strokes, placements, size, etc., of various factors are taken in consideration. So come and feel free to draw.

This is very powerful technique where we can even analyze drawings of children when they have not even formed their handwriting. We can easily come to know their state of sub-conscious and conscious mind.

Doodling means making formations on paper just without thinking. If you are given a pen and a paper some might doodle a circle, some might write their names, some might draw smileys, etc. This is known as doodling. It is direct replica of your sub-conscious mind.

The drawing and doodle analysis is very simple, accurate and useful in knowing yourself.