About Dr. Avanii Rajadhyaksha


Born in a simple maharashrian family, Dr. Avanii Rajadhyaksha PH.D. Hon. (A.M) M.D.(A.M.), tried her luck in serials and theatre.  During those initial days, she was suggested to wear a neelam stone which is supposed to enhance career. Followed a series of astrologers, numerogists, pundits…..Everyone benefited in their own way, but failed to explain the science or logic behind it. This is the exact moment that she decided to take charge of the situation herself. She thought “ There is surely some science behind it on deeper level. I should learn this myself! ”…… and the journey begun.  She is walking on this path since 18 years now and aims to share this knowledge to as many as she can. She always says “ Knowledge is everyone’s birthright. I am just using my teaching and creative skills, which are god gifted.”

    She is a trained dancer, actor and a voice artist. Being a multitasker is a part of her personality… Be it choreographing  dances , being actively a part of theatre and television…. To giving voice to cartoons and IVRS ( interactive voice response service), she has done it all with loads of enthusiasm and happiness. She always says “ You need not just meditate to be spiritual… spirituality can be achieved through anything, that you do with full focus and heart. Be it painting , acting , dancing , singing or cooking. Spirituality can be achieved through anything and everything.”

    Today she holds a degree of Honorary Ph.D. in Alternative medicines (A.M.) and M.D.(A.M.) i.e. Doctor of medicine in Alternative medicines. She has practice in more than 16 healing modalities like Sound, Aura cleansing, Chakra balancing, Reiki, Theta, Angel therapy, Tarot reading, Meditation, Crystal, Vaastu and many more . Special mention of her being a FORENSIC GRAPHOLOGIST. Her vision is to provide all kinds of spiritual modalities under one roof and spread love and light everywhere. Let everyone be blessed through Infinite Healing™….