Reading section

“Remember the tempting feeling of the books when you went to a library or book shops…… something like…. ‘I want to read all of them!!!!’. Well, practically that never seems possible. So, here we have found the midway where in you could visit the reading section anytime and read all the books sitting here in this healing space.

My students and clients always want to know where I learnt all the knowledge. These are my own books which have helped me gain the knowledge which I share and I have kept lot of interesting reading material which should help you on your spiritual path. I have also kept the notes which I have studied. So that if any more information apart from our course also could be read here….! Knowledge is everyone’s birth right….. So, we highly recommend you to take maximum benefit of this service at Infinite Healing™.

Ideal for

  • Book lovers
  • Who love to spend their whole day with books
  • Who are capable of reading at one go
  • Holiday with yourself
  • People who want to gain spiritual knowledge
  • Beginners to spirituality
  • People waiting at the reception
  • Being in touch with positive energy of our healing space

Ideal because

  • Positive , healing space
  • Air-conditioned space
  • Any queries could be sorted just there and then with appointment
  • Many remote books and write ups available
  • Read as many books you choose, we charge you per hour , not per book
  • Acutely nominal charges for reading.