Bach flower remedies

Bach flower remedies were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the year 1917. The Bach flower remedies are made from nature’s flowers and are totally natural and safe for us to consume. Each of these remedies aim to cure a particular mental state or emotion.

These remedies heal the negative emotions that cause physical distress in our body. They help in restoring the balance between mind and body by removing negative emotions like stress, anger, revenge, fear, guilt, worry, anxiety, indecision, hatred, depression, etc. There are also remedies for unknown fears, traumas, weak memory, not able to find direction in life, concentration, jet lag etc.

According to your emotional symptoms we prescribe you the remedies. They are needed to be taken for a duration of 6-8 months to show best results. These remedies can be worked in union with other medications too.

Attain peace of mind and improve your quality of life by healing your emotional imbalances.