Grapho Therapy

Handwriting is brain writing.

What we write comes from our conscious mind. How we write comes from our subconscious mind. Thus, writing is the act of the brain and not hand.

Our brain sends information down to the hands through the nerves and directs our fingers to move in a certain way. Thus, every thought or belief that we hold in our mind; or every trait that we have integrated with our personality is made visible through our writing that we leave on the paper.

Such a study of handwriting that helps us read a human’s mind is called Graphology.

At Infinite Healing ™ we undertake ‘Grapho-therapy’ to help you change your life by just changing your handwriting. Grapho-therapy aims at helping you to work on your limiting or harmful thoughts and beliefs; and strengthening or enhancing your positive qualities.

When we intentionally decide to change a stroke in our handwriting, we are invariably commanding our brain to make those changes in our thoughts, which in turn is reflected in our personality.

So, all you need is a pen and a paper to change your life for better!

You can consult us for

  • Knowing yourself better
  • Improving family relations
  • Marriage compatibility
  • Business relations
  • Career and profession
  • Hiring employees
  • Document examination (identifying frauds, forgery etc.)
  • Drawing and doodle analysis
  • Logo Analysis

Please note

  • It is mandatory to practice the modified writing suggested by the therapist for minimum 3 months to get the best results.
  • Do the follow ups as suggested by the graphologist