Chakra Balancing

Chakras can be referred to as the inner aura. They are basically the energy stations/centers within our body. They receive & distribute the cosmic energy. It is necessary that all the chakras in our body be active & balanced so that there is a free and uninterrupted flow of vital energy in our being. If any of the chakras are blocked, get slow, become dark, or rotate in the wrong rhythm, they can cause emotional, physical or spiritual disharmony, and need to be treated immediately.

Learn different techniques on how to balance your own chakras and of people around you in just one day.

Chakra Balancing course includes:

  • What are chakras and their functions
  • What are major and minor chakras
  • Importance and functions of major chakras
  • How to sense different chakras, their motions and rhythms, by using our hands
  • Practical on chakra balancing
  • Different techniques of chakra balancing

The duration of the course is optional as per your convenience

- 1 day session from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm (Including Lunch and Tea) or

- 3 days sessions of 2 hours each

  • We provide you with the notes on Chakra Balancing
  • You will be given your chakra photograph. You are required to wear white color outfit for the same.