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Neuro Energy Pathology

Neuro-energy pathology is the way to understand the workings of the brain. It is a form of the brain’s sketch that gives us an insight into the working of the brain. Our brain starts developing in the 13th week itself while in the mother’s womb. Since that time, each development that takes place in our brain goes towards shaping our personality traits.

Understanding the working of the brain helps us understand the natural talents, skills, aptitude, abilities and thinking patterns of a person. This is extremely important as it instantly allows one to know one’s strengths and areas of improvement from where further changes can be made to progress towards the desired path.

Neuro-energy pathology is diagnostic approach of understanding the brain through studying pattern formations; pattern formations in the form of writings, drawings and signatures which all reflect the wiring of the brain through the movement of our hands to create the designs on paper.

This is especially helpful if one is not very expressive.

From the courses under neuro-energy pathology you will learn:

  1. How to study and analyze the brain designs
  2. How to diagnose and interpret the personality traits
  3. Access the deepest part of the mind
  4. Design customized solutions to rewire the brain