People And Self Care

Caring for oneself or others is always thought about on a physical level. For instance, how do I take care of my weight, how I can I help my child to do better or what can I do for my friend that can help her with the situation she is facing; we always are focused on the physical level.

What we do not realize is that caring begins with how we think and feel, about our self, about another person or about a certain situation. As the saying goes “It is the thought that counts” is because our thoughts and feelings have a lot of power in creating our reality and others reality to an extent.

A thought that is thought about constantly becomes a belief, your belief then creates your current reality. What we believe in makes us feel a certain way about something or someone. What we think about becomes a message to the universe as to what we want and how we feel about it is the message to the universe as to what we want to experience.

So if you monitor your thoughts and feelings, you will be able to create a better reality for yourself and for others around you.

From the courses under people and self-care you will learn:

  1. How to be in a state of awareness of your thoughts and feelings
  2. How to change the negative thought patterns and feelings
  3. How to retrain your mind to think positively to attract the reality you want to create