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Affirmation Therapy Course

Affirming is sending positive programs to your mind.

The concept is very near to that of chanting. As we keep affirming positive affirmations, they soon integrate with our mind and body and are to be affirmed to the point where what is required or something better manifests and becomes reality.

Affirmation therapy course:

  • Course duration: 3 Hours course
  • Course eligibility: Interested students can apply
  • Course Syllabus:
    • Introduction to Affirmation therapy
    • Understanding how Affirmation therapy works
    • How to diagnose the client requirement
    • Creating and customizing affirmations based on the need of the client

On successful course completion, you will receive a certificate to pursue it professionally.

To enroll for the course you can call us at +91 7045349280/81/82/83 or leave an enquiry with us by clicking here and we will get back to you shortly.