Psychic Body Maintenance - Infinite Healing™

Psychic Body Maintenance

The human body is not just the physical body but an accumulation of several subtle energy bodies.

The 7 layers of our body are:

  1. The Auric body
  2. The Astral body
  3. The Emotional body
  4. The Etheric body
  5. The Mental body
  6. The Celestial body
  7. The Ketheric template

As we are more than our physical body, it is important to ensure that the other layers of our body are also well taken care of to ensure the overall and complete wellbeing of a person inside out.  Just like how going to the gym helps in taking care of our physical body, it is equally important to take care of the subtle energy bodies to enjoy maximum benefits of wholesome wellness of the body.

For eg: by maintaining the chakras of your body, your energy will always be optimum for every area of your life like professional life, love life and relationships and health.

From the courses under psychic body maintenance you will learn:

  1. How to maintain the energies of the body
  2. How to cleanse and balance the energy points of the body
  3. How to enhance the energy of a place
  4. How to tap into the cosmic flow of energy