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Chakra Course

Chakras are energy stations/centres within our body. They are responsible to receive and distribute the flow of cosmic energy that helps us feel energetic and balanced.

There are 7 major chakras in our body, namely the Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra.

Chakras should always be active and balanced so that there is a free and uninterrupted flow of vital energy in our body. If any of our chakras are blocked, slowed down, become dark or rotate off rhythm, they can result in emotional, physical or spiritual disharmony.

Chakra course:

  • Course duration: 1 day – 6 Hours course (Classroom learning)
  • Course eligibility: Interested students can apply
  • Course Syllabus:
    • Introduction to chakras
    • What are chakras and their functions
    • What are major and minor chakras
    • How to sense different chakras, their motions and rhythms by using your hands
    • Practical exercise on chakra balancing
    • Different techniques of chakra balancing

On successful course completion, you will receive a certificate to pursue it professionally.

To enroll for the course you can call us at +91 7045349280/81/82/83 or leave an enquiry with us by clicking here and we will get back to you shortly.

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