Spiritual Awareness

Who am I?

Where do I come from?

What is my purpose on earth?

What is the meaning of my suffering?

What is life all about?

We have been seeking answers to all these questions and more all our lives. Spirituality involves a search for meaning in life, a search for a truth, that which is higher than ourselves. When we go through a rough phase in life, instead of solving the problem we tend to cling to the negative emotions. This makes it difficult for us to find meaning and connections in life. And at such times we look out for someone who will guide us and help us seek connection with something deeper in us. We as humans get so lost in our moments of experiences that we forget that we are spiritual beings only in human forms. It is important to get spiritually aware of ourselves and our lives.

Spiritual awareness course will help you expand your understanding towards life and various events that unfold in our lives. It will help you seek a meaningful connection with your higher self. You will be able to recognize & accept your emotions, uncover harmful beliefs & thoughts and begin to change them through divine understanding of your higher self.

 Course content:

  • Who is God, learn and know more deeply about God, His energy & His existence
  • What is Universe, how does it work, what are the Universal laws
  • Different levels of belief systems
  • Different levels of existences
  • What are energies, how to get tuned to positive energies
  • What is healing
  • What is karma
  • What is a soul, is our soul and body the same
  • What are Soul-mates
  • Who are angels, guardian angels, spirit guides
  • What is an aura
  • What are chakras
  • What are crystals
  • Who are earth angels and indigo children
  • What are psychic abilities
  • What is meditation, effective meditation techniques
  • What are dreams, why are they important, their meaning & interpretation
  • Oaths & vows, blessings & curses
  • Inner thoughts, emotions, fears, beliefs, pain, suffering, forgiveness, love
  • Seeking a meaningful connection with our higher self, conscious and sub conscious mind

and much more

- Duration for the course is 15 – 20 days

We provide you with the notes on Spiritual Awareness