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Treyya Healing Course

The word Treyya finds its root from the Sanskrit word “Trini” that means three. In Treyya healing there are 3 major aspects involved in the healing process that makes it work with the Power of THREE. This powerful and life altering healing technique is channeled by Dr. Avanii Rajadhyaksha who is the founder of the healing institute and centre – Infinite HealingTM. She considers it as a gift from the Universe to uplift mankind at the speed of light.

Treyya Healing is the latest healing technique that works with your subconscious mind. Being able to work with your subconscious mind is one of the most powerful ways of transforming your life because it is our subconscious mind that plays a very important role in creating our current reality.

As the conscious mind is only 12% of the brain out of which someone as brilliant as Albert Einstein also ended up using only 3%. So you can imagine a normal human being would only be using even at his best capacity less than 1%. However we do not give power to the actual governing force of our life, our subconscious mind that accounts for 88% of our mind.

The issues in our life whether they are financial, emotional or physical in nature are merely external symptoms of our deeper internal patterns and conditionings of our subconscious mind. For eg: on a conscious level you may want to earn better financially but on a subconcious level you may believe that “money is the root of all evil”. So if 88% of your mind is working against you, how will you attract the money you desire into your life????

The Treyya healing technique works much like reengineering your minds software. By accessing our deepest beliefs and programs in our subconscious mind, we can easily identify the root cause of a certain issue and then have it deleted or replaced with a better program. So now just like a new software upgrade, your mind too would have a new and better software to work with that will not only allow it to function better but will also allow it to create a better and desired reality for yourself.

Treyya Healing course

On successful course completion, you will receive a certificate to pursue it professionally.

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