Tarot Card Reading

There are basically two methods for predictions – calculative & occult science.

Studies like astrology, numerology etc. which need the calculations with numbers, birth time etc. come under calculative sciences. Whereas, Tarot is an occult based study where the reader needs to be very intuitive & sensitive to energies. In Hinduism occult science means gudh vidya.

In Tarot, the placements of cards & their permutations combinations are considered for the reading. The readings help us gain insight in different aspects of our lives like relationships, career, health, wealth, personal life etc. Tarot does not own our predictions about future. It gives future readings based on the pathway that our past & present has created.

We have uniquely designed ‘The Tarot Card Reading course’ and offer you the learning in 3 levels.

Level 1: Meaning Tarot

  • Meaning of Tarot and introduction to cards
  • Basics of working with the cards
  • Understanding the meaning of cards
  • We even teach the meaning of reverse cards

Duration – 7 to 8 days

Level 2: Spread Tarot

  • Learning the art of advanced spreads
  • How to develop your own spreads
  • Interpretation of spreads
  • Advanced meanings of cards

Duration – 3 to 4 days

Level 3: Prediction Tarot

  • Developing a connection with the cards
  • Using our intuition and sensitive energy for predicting the cards
  • Tips on counseling the client

Duration – 3 to 4 days

After the completion of all three levels only will you be given the certification and permission to pursue Tarot Card Reading professionally.

You can also opt for all 3 levels at once. The duration for the same will be 15 to 20 days.

A free entry to workshop on Angel Tarot