Tarot Reading

There are basically two methods of predictions – calculative & occult science.

Studies like astrology, numerology etc. which need calculations with numbers, birth time etc. is calculative science. Whereas, Tarot is an occult based study, where the reader needs to be very intuitive & sensitive to energy. In Hinduism occult science means “gud vidya”.

In Tarot, the placements of cards & their permutations-combinations give us the readings. The reader just decodes the diagrams and messages. The readings help to know & understand yourself better. It helps you gain insight in different aspects of your life like relationships, career, health, wealth, personal life etc. In Tarot we do not own your predictions about future, but we give future readings based on the pathway that your past & present has created. We understand your present situation completely & through divine understanding help you gain better future insights.

So… Know it all by just spreading out your cards!

Please Note:

  • Make a list of questions you intend to ask the reader. It saves yours & ours time both.
  • We do one on one reading only, and not on phone.
  • Kindly inform us if you are going to get a company, reason being privacy.
  • We charge you per session not per question.