Vaastu is the atmosphere that we live in. This science tells us how the energies related to earth, fire, air, water & space affect our surroundings. Right placements of these five elements ensures suitable atmosphere to live in. It is important to create & sustain the right kind of energy flow around us so as to ensure peace, harmony, love, happiness & success.

In vaastu we work with traditional & spiritual methodologies. Traditional vaastu deals in directions & sub-directions, placements of things, vaastu doshas like cuts, extensions, etc. Spiritual vaastu deals in energy flow, feel & vibrations.

We provide you:

  • The photos of the energy flow in your vaastu.
  • A report in which you will be shown how your vaastu is adverse or conducive to your purpose and everyone in the house.
  • You will be given photographs of each room showing the energy flow.
  • You will be given suggestions to rectify if any adversities & enhance the conduciveness.

Please Note:

  • You can consult us for your house or work place vaastu by sending us the floor plan provided by the builder.
  • You can also call us for a vaastu visit. It will be charged separately.
  • Kindly specify the purpose of vaastu consultancy, for e.g. health, wealth, children, career, relationship etc. and we will diagnose how your vaastu is influencing on that purpose.
  • You will be given an hour appointment for the explanation of the report.