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Free Colour Reading

Select the colour combination that attracts you the most to know what it has to reveal about your personality!

[ultimate_modal modal_title=”The Anchor” modal_on=”custom-selector” modal_on_selector=”#blue-green” modal_size=”medium” modal_style=”overlay-fade”]You are extremely honest and care for people. You’re genuine interest and curiosity about people makes them comfortable to open up with you. It makes them feel important and cared for by you and you influence their self-confidence and make them believe in themselves and their dreams. You are at your best and have fun nurturing and supporting others.[/ultimate_modal]
[ultimate_modal modal_title=”The Builder” modal_on=”custom-selector” modal_on_selector=”#blue-orange” modal_size=”medium” modal_style=”overlay-fade”]You are a free innovative thinker whose main role is to construct and create. You are extremely curious by nature and love to indulge in ranging topics of discussion. You are a social enigma and are surrounded by friends who have very diverse interests. You don’t like too much order in the social environment as you feel it would limit people’s growth. You are able to best construct when you are completely dedicated to a cause.[/ultimate_modal]
[ultimate_modal modal_title=”The Thinker” modal_on=”custom-selector” modal_on_selector=”#blue-purple” modal_size=”medium” modal_style=”overlay-fade”]You think about existence and constantly want to know why things are the way they are. As you have a future oriented vision, you can easily know what is required currently to enhance the situation.  You very carefully study circumstances to understand how a certain action can result in an effect and this helps you make plans very effectively. Without these plans you can be disorganized. You have the most fun when you’re committed to developing new ideas and structures.[/ultimate_modal]
[ultimate_modal modal_title=”The Resource Manager” modal_on=”custom-selector” modal_on_selector=”#red-green” modal_size=”medium” modal_style=”overlay-fade”]You are practical, decisive and nurturing by nature. You have a natural knack of identifying what is most important and then seeing the resources available in hand to achieve best results. You are constantly thinking about how you can improve people’s lives which in turn helps you boost your self-respect. You are at your best when you are directing the use of resources or telling others how to best spend money.[/ultimate_modal]
[ultimate_modal modal_title=”The Humanitarian” modal_on=”custom-selector” modal_on_selector=”#red-orange” modal_size=”medium” modal_style=”overlay-fade”]You are one who believes in walking your own path and speaking your mind unapologetically. True to your nature, if someone falls out of line, you are not going to observe in silence. You believe in creating an environment where people can express their true selves freely. You prefer and enjoy intimate settings like small towns, small companies and small groups of friends where there is greater amount of close and personal interactions.[/ultimate_modal]
[ultimate_modal modal_title=”The Synthesizer” modal_on=”custom-selector” modal_on_selector=”#red-purple” modal_size=”medium” modal_style=”overlay-fade”]You are someone who observes people and situations and are able to draw out what’s the actual facts and cut out all the irrelevant aspects and play an important role in integrating people and getting them together on the same page.  This nature of yours allows you to give people your full attention when they speak to you about their foremost concerns and help them find solutions effectively by helping them see the core of the situation.[/ultimate_modal]
[ultimate_modal modal_title=”The Caretaker” modal_on=”custom-selector” modal_on_selector=”#yellow-green” modal_size=”medium” modal_style=”overlay-fade”]Taking care of friends and family comes very naturally and easily to you. You have a knack of understanding people and knowing what they need before they even realize it themselves. When you listen to others speak, you very easily come to know what they are not telling you as well. This way you are able to pick up on what’s bothering them. You are known for your realistic perspective and this allows you to create a safe and secure environment for yourself and for those around you.[/ultimate_modal]
[ultimate_modal modal_title=”The Technical Thinker” modal_on=”custom-selector” modal_on_selector=”#yellow-orange” modal_size=”medium” modal_style=”overlay-fade”]You are a doer. You have a very systematic approach towards tasks, relationships and life. Your first thought towards anything is how to get things done. Due to this approach of yours, you can very easily realize the talents and resources around you, and coordinate them beautifully to maximize results while getting the task done.[/ultimate_modal]
[ultimate_modal modal_title=”The Catalyst” modal_on=”custom-selector” modal_on_selector=”#yellow-purple” modal_size=”medium” modal_style=”overlay-fade”]You are a change agent. Through your personal journey of self-discovery and passion for life, you experience your environment very uniquely. Every experience that you go through is analyzed that sparks adventure and learning within you. In this way you gain many insights. You then through actively listening, observing and expressing your feelings to others, spark their passions to initiate positive change in themselves. You are at your best, personally and professionally, when you are communicating.[/ultimate_modal]