Learn From Home


This is a brief overview of ‘Learn from Home’ certification program of Infinite Healing™.

Over so many years in the field of healing, we have observed that there are many, who are interested in the field of healing, but are unable to reach our centre due to genuine reasons.

House wives with household responsibilities, physically challenged persons , people with prolonged illness, people staying far having transportation issues, working individuals who are interested but cannot travel, people who want cost effective education and the list goes on. Everyone has a right to learn and developing awareness about spiritual healing and techniques is the essence of being human.

With this noble intention we have started the ‘Learn from home’ certification program at a very cost effective price. We aim to create knowledgeable healers worldwide who would motivate and influence people around them for a positive living.


BENEFITS of the ‘Learn from home’ certification program:-

  • You will be able to practice these healing techniques professionally anywhere.
  • If you are looking to make a profession or a business (as it is a low capital and low investment business), this program equips you with appropriate techniques and knowledge base.
  • Certification is given by us and all the curriculum is set by Dr. Avanii Rajadhyaksha, (M.D. PhD. in Alternative medicines), a well-known and a respected name in the fraternity.
  • You can establish yourself as a ‘therapist’ or a ‘healer’ with esteem and dignity. We are sure you will be one of those rare people in the community who are committed to a noble cause of healing, whom people respect and trust.
  • And the last but not the least, your own life will change enormously in a very positive way. You will emerge as a spiritually more aware and grounded person.

You could follow these simple steps:-

  1. Choose the subjects and email us on lfh@infinitehealing.in
  2. We will email you the details and the form
  3. Receive your online payment receipt
  4. We will mail you the notes and reference videos.
  5. We will give you three dates for your online exam.
  6. The online exam will be taken on that date.
  7. Result and mark sheet will be declared to you in your email.
  8. The hard copy of the mark sheet and certificate will be couriered to your specified address

Even if there are certain courses in the ‘Introducing soon….’ way, please take admissions for them and let us know if there are any other courses that you would learn through home, we will see to it that we prepare the best curriculum for them.

Affirmation Therapy
Aura Cleansing
Bach Flower Therapy
Chakra Balancing
Prayer Therapy
Tarot Reading