Our Journey

∞ About Infinite Healing™ ∞

Infinite Healing ™ was founded by Dr.Avanii Rajadhyaksha Ph.D. Hon. (AM.) M.D.(A.M.) in 2010. As the name suggests, it is a healing space that helps people from all walks of life to come and take maximum benefits of spiritual healing and learning!

The beauty of this space is that it does not demand you to belong to a particular religion or community. It does not matter if you are spiritual or not, intuitive or not. Neither are there any pre-requisites of you being a healer; nor do we seek your belief or non-belief in God.

Whether you are practical, logical, rational, or emotional all are welcome! Here we have something for everyone irrespective of the belief systems that you come from. Our sole aim here is to impart knowledge and wisdom that leads you to self awareness and helps you stay on course in this beautiful journey of spirituality.

Healing starts from within. Any positive change that we wish to see in our outer world needs to be first felt from within through our inner world.

Infinite Healing™ has not only helped people to overcome their problems in life but have also imparted valuable knowledge that has typically helped them to become more aware of themselves and their surroundings.



∞ Our story ∞

Prior to engaging in a full time practice in the field of healing, counseling and teaching, Dr. Avanii Rajadhyaksha spent some 15 years working as an actor in theatre. Over these years she met people from various background that helped her gain detailed insight into people’s thoughts, actions, beliefs, behavior and much more. Because of her uncanny ability of blending her logic with intuitiveness to solve any problem, a lot of people approached her for seeking advice, guidance and assistance on various aspects in their lives.

Gradually she started uniquely combining counseling with different therapy that worked best for different people. Her approach was so simple, effective and easy to understand that people started experiencing immediate benefits in their lives. These incredible results and success intrigued her and prompted her to further take this journey ahead with much positivity and enthusiasm. That’s when she decided to give this phenomenal energy…. a face, a name and a form…… and Infinite Healing™ was born!!!