Clear Quartz Tree

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Clear Quartz Tree


Crystal:Clear quartz
Product Type:Display Items
Purpose:Clarity & Focus, Knowledge & education

Product Description:

  • It is a powerful healing and energy amplifying crystal.
  • It absorbs, stores and regulates the energy.
  • It unblocks stubborn energy and converts it into positive energy.
  • It is a deep soul cleanser and helps to develop positive qualities in person.
  • It helps to boost a person’s attitude towards life.
  • It reduces mental stress.
  • It gives over all clarity in every aspect of life.

How to Use It?

You have to place The Clear Quartz Tree in your house and it will work on the energy of the house. Everybody in the house will get its benefits and energy. It will cleanse the house energy. It converts negative energy into positive energy. It will bring clarity in thoughts and in every aspect of life.