Clearquartz Pyramid - Infinite Healing™

Clearquartz Pyramid

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Clearquartz Pyramid


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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 6.25 × 6.25 × 6.25 cm
Purpose:Clarity & Focus, Cleansing, Positivity
Seller:Infinity & Beyond

Product Description:

  • It is a powerful healing and energy amplifying crystal.
  • It absorbs, stores and regulates the energy.
  • It unblocks stubborn energy and converts it into positive energy.
  • It is a deep soul cleanser and helps to develop positive qualities in person.
  • It helps to boost a person’s attitude towards life.
  • It reduces mental stress.
  • It gives over all clarity in every aspect of life.

How to use It?

Pyramid is of triangular shape. It is an energy amplifier and cleanser. Clear Quartz is also an energy amplifier and great cleanser. So when these both come together the maximum benefits can be received. The energy will be cleansed and enhanced to the optimum level. It can be placed anywhere in the house. It is more helpful for a meditation purpose. You can hold the pyramid in your hand and meditate.