Professional Healer Course

The Professional Healer Course is the first of its kind in the field of Healing. It is a course that offers a complete knowhow of diagnosing, healing solutions along with the practical knowledge required to make a successful career as a professional healer.

The course offers a complete range of various types of healing modalities that would prepare the healer with the knowledge of various healing techniques enabling them to accurately diagnose the root of various problems. The healer would be able to identify the source of the problem be it at the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, conscious or subconscious level and provide healing solutions tailored to the nature and root of the symptoms and offer a complete healing solution for the healer.

Course Duration:

The Professional Healer’s Course comprises of 45 sessions that can be learnt in 2 learning formats:

  1. As a 4 months course
    (4 days per week, every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday – 3 hours each day)
  2. As a 1 year course
    (2 days per month, every alternate Sunday – 6 hours each day)

Course Syllabus:

The course is categorized into 3 main modules:

Modules 1: Spiritual Graduation

The Spiritual Graduation module covers a detailed syllabus about

  • About Healing
  • How to approach healing
  • Role of the healer
  • Attunement of the healer
  • Personality grooming of the healer
  • Various types of healing modalities
  • Understanding the healees psyche
  • Dealing with different types of healees (clients)
  • Problem diagnosis using a variety of healing techniques
  • Healing solutions for the healees customized to them
  • Spiritual angle to all modalities

Modules 2: Treyya (Restructuring the subconscious mind)

Treyya is a very powerful healing modality that has been recently channeled by the founder of Infinite Healing Dr. Avanii Rajadhyaksha. This healing modality works on the subconscious mind which is the source that creates our current reality. Through Treyya, ones deepest emotions, feelings and belief systems can be accessed and altered much like overwriting the programs of the computer to recreate your reality as you desire it to be.

Modules 3: Spiritual Business Marketing

The Spiritual Business Marketing module covers a detailed syllabus about

  • How to manage a spiritual business in India
  • Why is it important to take energy exchange
  • How to deal with your friends & relatives as a healer
  • How to deal with clients, staff and others
  • Logo designing for your spiritual business
  • How to create your own spiritual business
  • Legalities involved while doing the business
  • Spiritual Business Marketing techniques
  • How to choose and create a space for healing
  • How to choose your staff spiritually

Course Benefits:

On successful completion of the course, the students will be awarded

  1. Complete healer transformation by the end of the course
  2. Eligible for the advanced Professional Healer’s Teaching Course
  3. Opportunity for Franchise
  4. ISO Certification
  5. Government affiliation certificate
  6. Practioner Card

Student Eligibility:

The students will have to go through a screening test and only those who qualify successfully will be found eligible to enroll for the Professional Healer’s Course.