Rent a Cabin

“It is said that your work space should be at least a kilometer away from where you stay. Many people, who have knowledge, have potential…. but don’t have the space to work. Investing every time in a space needs lot of practical issues resolved… No worries, you are welcome at Infinite Healing™ with open arms.

Take the privilege to call your relatives, close ones, clients for a meeting at your own office cabin at Infinite Healing ™, with a receptionist and all office services available!!! Feels dream like?? But it’s real!!! …. Welcome to your own cabin at Infinite Healing™”

Ideal for…

  • Student healers who want their own space to practice
  • Practitioners who don’t want to take much risk with rent liabilities
  • Consultants
  • who have home responsibilities ( babies, families, space restrictions) and don’t have their own set up
  • Anyone who wants to do meetings of any type where there is no disturbance to our modality and no sound pollution, are welcome.
  • Who have offices in other cities or other than Dahisar can line up Dahisar appointments for a day.

Ideal because…

  • Students can clear their doubts there and then
  • Air-conditioned cabins with a revolving chair, a recliner chair and two sitting chairs
  • receptionist to receive your clients plus other office services
  • healing and a positive space
  • no rent and other liabilities
  • Great association