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Emotional Healing

An emotion is a complex psychological state of mind that is influenced by several factors and circumstances both internal and external that results in you feeling a certain way.

Emotional healing is extremely important because many a times we are not even aware of the level of emotional hurt that we each carry individually within us and feel unpleasant about it due to which we are in a constant state of emotional and physical discomfort.

In order to heal from an emotional hurt, it is first important to acknowledge the hurt that you feel. The second stage is to understand the reason for feeling this way and to get awareness of why did we feel this way and why did we need to feel it and the kind of lessons that we receive from it.

Emotional healing begins with expressing your deepest emotions that may have been locked away or brushed under the carpet. As emotions is a form of energy that needs an outlet to express itself, when it is not acknowledged it creates discomfort in other ways.  For eg: constant suppression of your opinions could result in outbursts of anger. Also many a times emotions that are not dealt with can manifest in the form of illness in the physical body. For eg: if you are feeling burdened by responsibilities, then you will experience pain in your shoulders and upper back.

In this way by understanding the cause of emotions we can greatly help in dealing with them not only on an emotional level but also on a physical level.

Our emotional healing services are available to help you pinpoint your emotions and assist you to deal with them through counseling and other healing remedies to get you feeling emotionally stable and well.