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Bach Flower Remedy Service

Bach flower remedies commonly known as flower remedy is a set of 38 individual flower essences made from nature’s flowers and are totally natural and safe for us to consume discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the year 1917.

In Bach flower remedy, each of these 38 flower remedies aims to cure a particular negative mental / emotional state. These remedies heal the negative emotions that cause physical distress in our body.

These flower remedies have a very soothing and subtle way of working on you without giving you any harsh or jolting effects. They gently work on your emotions by uplifting your vibrations. These remedies can be especially useful for dealing with emotions such as stress, anger, revenge, fears, guilt, worry, anxiety, indecision, hatred, trauma, depression etc.

In a Bach Flower session:

  • The healee has a detailed discussion about their impending issue with the healer.
  • Based on the issue the healer suggests the bach flower remedy.

Kindly note:

  • The prescribed remedy should be taken for the recommended duration as per your Bach flower therapist for best results.

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