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Brain Mapping (DMIT) Service

Brain mapping or DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multi Intelligence Test) is a scientific study of the fingerprint patterns that helps us know an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and biological parameters. Through this we can understand how an individual’s brain is formed that facilitates and directs the way they function.

Our brain starts developing in the 13th week itself while in the mother’s womb. Since that time, each development that takes place in our brain is flawlessly reflected on our finger prints. It is for this very reason each individual’s finger prints are phenomenally unique and has a story to tell.

Through this analysis we can know one’s innate potential, inborn capabilities and overall personality.

In a Brain mapping session:

  • Brain mapping is done in 2 sessions.
  • In the first session, all your finger prints are scanned for generating your DMIT report. It takes us approximately 4 days to get this ready.
  • Once this report is ready, you will be contacted to schedule your appointment with us where your report will be discussed in detail with you. Based on the detailed discussion you will easily be able to identify your strengths, your personality traits and areas of improvement that you can work on. Your report will be handed over to you for your personal reference post the detailed discussion.

Kindly note:

  • This report will help you understand your various areas of expertise and innate abilities.
  • This is also an excellent tool to assist parents with better parenting as the child’s strengths, learning ability, learning style, areas of development would be highlighted based on which the parents can aid their children in optimizing their strengths and improving them.
  • A lot of schools and educational institutes urge to get the report done to know a child’s overall aptitude. It is advisable to get the report done, especially for children who are at their tender age so that they can easily be trained and molded.
  • This report can be done for anyone above 1 year of age.

Fun fact:

In China, Dermatoglyphics is very famous and widely used. Even their Olympics selection structure is based on Dermatoglyphics report. The selection process which involves a lot of criteria like large motor skills, hand and eye co-ordination, execution abilities, adversity quotient, goal achievement, kinesthetic values, concentration and focus, etc., can all be known through a Dermatoglyphics report. So now we know the secret why China is No. 1 is Olympics. 

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