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Drawing & Doodle Analysis Service

Drawing and doodle analysis is a powerful technique that helps us access the deepest corners of our subconscious mind where all our emotions, fears and feelings are stored away.

Everything that we draw has a deep symbolic meaning attached to it. Drawing and doodle analysis can easily help us understand the mental, emotional and psychological state of mind.

The exceptional trait of this technique is that the human brain cannot camouflage its truest and deepest emotions in drawings, thereby giving the healer an honest and complete overview of what’s happening in the healee’s mind so that they help them better.

This can be used for adults who are not very comfortable expressing themselves clearly in words or in the case of young children who have not even formed their handwriting.

In a drawing and doodle analysis session:

  • You would be asked to doodle whatever comes to your mind based on a theme in front of the healer.
  • The doodle is anlysed by the healer which would allow them to pinpoint some of your deepest concerns without you actually having to put them forward.
  • The healer would then counsel and recommend ways to help you with your concerns.

Kindly note:

  • Doodles can also be used as a therapy for relaxation of the mind, concentration exercise, break any negative patterns and can also be used to attract your heart’s desire with ease.

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