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Handwriting Analysis & Therapy Service

Handwriting analysis or Graphology is the study of hand writing.

Our handwriting is the reflection of the thinking and processing of our brain on paper referred to as our brain print. It is as unique as our fingerprints, as they are based on the uniqueness of the writer’s thoughts, beliefs & personality. By studying an individual’s handwriting, one can easily diagnose the thought patterns & beliefs that are hidden away deep in the subconscious mind that one may not be aware of consciously. It provides you with the psychological state of the writer at the time of writing.

This is especially helpful in breaking negative thought patterns that one may not even be aware of on a conscious level.

In a graphology session:

  • You would be asked to write a few lines about any topic along with your signature in front of the healer.
  • The healer would then analyse your handwriting and signature.
  • Suggestions will be given to you keeping in mind all life aspects such as your career, relationships, financial status, health and more to improve these aspects where ever required.

Kindly note:

  • The practice of the suggested handwriting should be done based on the recommended duration of the treatment to observe the benefits and changes.
  • Based on the required changes the handwriting could be modified to resolve a certain situation which can then be further altered to better suit the new situation.

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