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Signature Analysis Service

Our signature is that aspect of ourselves that we present to the public. Just like what we wear or say creates our image in the public eye, in the same way our signature too is a depiction of our public image.

This is yet another very simple technique that can help in altering your public image almost effortlessly.

In a signature analysis session:

  • You would be asked to make your current and any past signatures in front of the healer.
  • The healer would discuss about your current situations and future expectations on the basis of which appropriate corrections or an entirely new signature would be suggested.

Kindly note:

  • The prescribed signature need not be changed everywhere immediately i.e. on official documents. This can be done over a period of time if the healee and the healer feels the necessity to do so.
  • The prescribed signature must be practiced regularly based on the healer’s recommendation to create the desired changes.
  • You will begin to notice soon after how the alterations made to your signature help in recreating your public image in line with how you wish to project yourself to the world.

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