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Food is an integral part of our day to day lives yet it is one area that seems to receive the least focus. Food has lost its significance as a form of nutrition to the body and is only considered as something required to satisfy our hunger.

Moreover, with all the variety of food available we are not able to decide for ourselves WHAT TO EAT & HOW MUCH TO EAT? It is a question that we all struggle with as we do not understand the nutritional value of our own food.

Our food consumption is directly related to how we feel. This is a crucial part of nutrition because it will help you understand your emotions and your body better that can help you switch to a healthy and nutritional lifestyle easily.

At Infinite Healing® nutrition is approached with a wholesome angle where the body, mind and emotions are taken into account while providing you with your very own customized nutrition plan.

In a body and emotional nutritional session:

  • The body and emotional nutrition session is done over a minimum of 2 sessions.
  • In your 1st session, your nutritionist will take your health’s complete case history that would cover the topics of your existing lifestyle, eating habits, the kind of food you eat and the current state of your health.
  • In your 2nd session, based on where you would like to see yourself, your nutritionist would prepare your customized nutrition plan for you and educate you about food and nutrition as a whole.
  • The advised nutrition plan would be recommended along with physical exercise and a few simple and easy mental and emotional exercises to provide you with an all-around solution towards approaching your ideal weight.

Kindly note:

  • The prescribed nutrition plan should be followed by as instructed by your nutritionist for best results.
  • Your nutrition plan would be based on your eating preferences and easy to follow.

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