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DNA Activation is a process of creating a vibrational shift of a significant magnitude. Every human body is an energy body that vibrates on a certain frequency, like a vibrational transmitter, that sends signals into the universe that attracts and creates everything in our current reality.

For example if you are vibrating on the frequency of abundance, you will attract abundance in your life. If you are vibrating on the frequency of love then you will attract love into your life. Everything that we attract is a vibrational match to our vibrational frequency. By making a vibrational shift to a higher frequency each and every aspect of our life is miraculously benefitted.

A vibrational shift to a better frequency can be attained instantly by doing something as simple as listening to a happy song, or even by taking a cold shower. But the challenge is to maintain it for a long span. DNA activation lets you hold that platform of good vibrations effortlessly.

In a DNA activation session:

In a DNA activation session, your DNA is activated using Treyya healing.

Kindly note:

  • A DNA activation approval is solely based on the healer’s discretion.
  • However, the number of DNA’s that can be activated will depend on the need of the healee which will be mutually discussed and decided by the healee and healer.

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