Vaastu Solutions

Vaastu is the atmosphere that we live in.

This science tells us how the energies related to earth, fire, air, water & space affect our surroundings. Right placements of these five elements ensures suitable atmosphere to live in. Vaastu is all about arranging our environment properly so as to ensure the circulation of right kind of energy.

Whether it’s about building a home, a loving relationship, or a successful career, or any other important aspect of your life, you can incorporate vaastu and feel a profound difference. It is important to create & sustain the right kind of energy flow around us so as to ensure peace, harmony, love, happiness & success.

In vaastu we work with traditional & spiritual methodologies. Traditional vaastu deals in directions & sub-directions, placements of things, vaastu doshas like cuts, extensions, etc. Spiritual vaastu deals in energy flow, feel & vibrations.

After completely analyzing your report, we suggest you a combination of Colour therapy, Ratnadhya (Gem therapy, Crystal therapy, Mantrocharan – chanting of Mantras (if you wish to), the right placements of things.

We are not in favor of breaking walls or smashing or destroying any piece of furniture in your house. Same benefits could be gained by use of pyramids in reasonable cost. We personally come and supervise the application of pyramid in your house.

You need not be of any specific religion or belief system to get the benefits of Vaastu because the effects of the energy flow are the same for all the human beings.

Any products like crystals, pyramids etc. will be charged accordingly.

* Only at Infinite Healing ™ scanned photographs of your Vaastu (Property) are attached with the report for the you to know the exact energy flow of the property.