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Professional Healer Course

Specially created "Wish Fulfilling" pouch

Specially created "Wish Fulfilling" pouch. Just place your wishlist in this pouch and see it manifest in reality.


Welcome to Infinite Healing!

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowl with a mallet used for healings

Reading Section

A reading section specially designed to enhance your spiritual knowledge


Your handwriting tells everything about you. Minor changes.. Major benefits


Walk in..

Energy Generator

The Energy Generator draws positive energy from the atmosphere and distributes & balances energy in your space.


This spiritual periphery (Diffuser) not only spreads aroma but also represents all the 5 elements of nature and enhances the energy around

Crystal Tree

The best spiritual gift for your loved ones.

About Dr. Avanii
∞ About Infinite Healing™ ∞

Infinite Healing ™ was founded by Dr.Avanii Rajadhyaksha Ph.D. Hon. (AM.) M.D.(A.M.) in 2010. As the name suggests, it is a healing space that helps people from all walks of life to come and take maximum benefits of spiritual healing and learning!  The beauty of this space is that it does not demand you to belong to a particular religion or community. It does not matter if you are spiritual read more…