Reiki is a healing technique founded by Dr. Mika U Sui from Japan. Reiki means the Universal Life Force Energy, which flows through all living beings. Here the healer channels & distributes the Universal Life Force Energy to the healee through hands or symbols.

This healing can solve our issues at physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Attain peace of mind and maintain health in body mind & spirit through this healing. You will surely be benefit. In order to fully benefit from the healing, it is suggested that you do the required amount of sessions as recommended by the healer.

We have received Reiki from the direct lineage of Dr. Mika U Sui & practice the authentic technique of Reiki only.

Please Note:

  • Reiki is an alternative therapy, and medications, if any, should not be stopped.
  • All distant Reiki sessions also are charged as an energy exchange.